About Us

HOT DOGS COFFEE is a brand that celebrates the lives of amazing dogs. 

OUR MISSION: We are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of animals and their relationship with humans every day.

Unconditional love with dogs is a mutual relationship.

OUR VISION: We will build a community where people realize the value of the lives of our pets and give them well deserved love every day. In addition, we hope to inspire people to get involved in helping the lives of the unfortunate and offer some contribution to their existence. 

Domestic animals rely on humans for their love, food, environment, activities, and health. Our pets didn’t have the privilege of making choices about their lives, but rather they end up with the conditions they are given. With that said, our pets are forgiving and love us in nearly every condition. Our pets deserve the right food, healthcare, emotional connections and exercise.  So many pets are neglected or forgotten. The future of every pet is in our hands.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of the unfortunate animals who need help. Conditions of need vary from adoption, offering foster homes, to generating the funds needed to help support the care of homeless animals in shelters, as well as offer assistance to organizations that rescue horrible conditions of mistreated animals. Cruelty to animals is horrible and should never happen! We also donate to various organizations that help save our pets and join in their mission whenever possible. 

The bottom line is, we may smile when we see animals, but have we considered what their life is like or what they may need? Help us improve the lives of precious animals. They want to love you, and all they ask if that you love them back.